Of Ceasefires and ‘Quiet Nights’: Behind the Reports

With a flight to the Northwest imminent, I am referring TimesWarp readers today to three articles and one report concerning recent events:

Please check out:

Barbara Erickson

Late breaking and worth reading, on how Blair and US plotted to scam Hamas with the ceasefire offer, by Jonathan Cook


2 thoughts on “Of Ceasefires and ‘Quiet Nights’: Behind the Reports

  1. Please note that in the cross-dynamics of the critical situation/crisis one such as myself is left so to speak sort it all out–and that Hamas leadership was not even involved in formulating w/U.S.-Israel-Egypt)Truce/Cease Fire… and per Alert, Jewish Voice for Peace the Terms for Cease Fire actually continue Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza civilians, continue Blockade of Gaza, Continue extrajudicial assassinations, continue imprisonment of Palestinians without charge, and continue the Occupation with No Guarantee (of Israel abiding as it has violated repeatedly previous cease fires), through the State of Seige in Israel’s Decades long assault on Palestinian Human Rights to continue in the Brutal Military Occupation for some 47+ years.


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