Spinning a Massacre in The NY Times

TimesWarp is abbreviated today because we are traveling in Washington State, but readers are encouraged to compare The New York Times account of the latest carnage in Gaza to that in two other publications.

A front page story in the Times today, “Neighborhood Ravaged on Deadliest Day So Far for Both Sides in Gaza,” by Anne Barnard and Isabel Kershner, would have us think that there was some parity in Sunday’s attack on a Gaza district. The headline sets the tone with “both sides” in big letters, and the story goes on to imply that Hamas resistance to the assault was just as responsible for the civilian deaths as Israeli fire.

It was Israel, of course, that invaded the devastated neighborhood of Gaza and Israel that initiated the ground offensive in the first place. (It was also Israel that provoked this latest round of hostilities, including the rocket fire into its own territory. See 972 Magazine, “How Netanyahu provoked this war with Gaza.”)

For comparison with the Times story of the massacre in the Shujayea district, see Al Jazeera, “Israeli shelling kills scores in eastern Gaza,” or The Guardian, “Gaza’s bloodiest day as at least 100 Palestinians are killed.”

Barbara Erickson

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