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Times readers should not hesitate to speak up about published articles, photographs, editorials and op-ed pieces—as well as topics that the paper has failed to cover—by writing and submitting letters to the editor or opinion pieces. You can also write comments to the Times public editor, other editors and reporters. It is important to praise a good article or good reporting as well as to criticize shortcomings.

The Times website provides instructions for doing all of these via email.  Readers can also find many reporters and editors on Twitter. The information below is taken from the website:

 Submitting letters to the editor

Write letters exclusively for the New York Times or the International New York Times, and keep them to 150 to 175 words. They should refer to articles that appeared within the previous week. (However, TimesWarp readers should note that the Times lumps letters together by topic and often runs these within a day or two of the article concerned. It is best to respond quickly.)

Include your name, address and phone numbers. (Someone will call you if the paper plans to run your letter.)  Your letter may be edited or cut, but the Times will check with you if there are any changes.

Don’t send your letter as an attachment. Include it in the body of your email. Send it to: letters@nytimes.com (for readers of The New York Times) or inytletters@nytimes.com (for readers of The International New York Times).

You can find advice for improving your chances of getting your letter in print by going to: tips for getting your letter published.

Op-Ed Articles

If you have special expertise or a personal experience that would add weight and credibility to your opinion, you should consider writing an op-ed piece. These must be exclusive for the Times and can run from 400 to 1,200 words or longer. You can send your article to the Op-Ed page, which appears Monday through Saturday, the Sunday Review, or the online Opinionator or other online series or to the International New York Times. The international version is edited out of Paris, London and Hong Kong.

Send your article to opinion@nytimes.com or by fax to +1(212)556-4100 or by mail to 
The Op-Ed Page,
 620 Eighth Avenue, 
New York, NY 10018.

If you don’t hear from the Times within three business days, you can submit it to another publication.

For help on writing and submitting an op-ed article, the editor of the Op-Ed and Sunday Review pages explains how the page works.

News Departments and Reporters

You can also communicate with reporters and editors directly to comment on news coverage. Send comments, requests for corrections and suggestions (about news coverage only) to nytnews@nytimes.com or leave a message at 1‑888‑NYT‑NEWS (1‑888‑698‑6397).

To write a reporter, click on his or her byline. This takes you to a page where you can access the contact form. Most repeaters have a topics page, which you can find here in alphabetical order with the names in italics.

            The Times also provides links to these departments: News Tips | The Arts | Business Day | The Foreign Desk | The Metro Desk | The National Desk | Sports | The Washington Bureau and also to 
 The Executive Editor
 and The Managing Editor.

Public Editor

Margaret Sullivan, the public editor, represents readers. You can reach her at public@nytimes.com.

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